Overview Of Cat Breeds


Cats were one of the last animals to be domesticated. They were first found in households in Egypt about 5000 years ago. Today they are the most popular house pets, outnumbering dogs by more than two to one.

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Reasons For Neutering Your Cat

Cats are warm blooded carnivorous mammals and they certainly feed on protein-rich meat. They are predators and hunters and they usually prey upon rats and mice. Cats are also known for their great fighting skills. Some can even win a fight against snakes.

Choosing a Cat Litter For Your Aging Cat

As cats grow older, a host of feline health concerns can arise, including diabetes. Therefore, senior cats with diabetes need to have their litter box cleaned more frequently. For this reason, some owners of older cats are realizing they need a more effective litter – one that stops the strongest odors, handles a high volume of urine and can be easily scooped and cleaned.

How To Be a Responsible Cat Owner

Now that you have a cat or several cats in the house, you need to think about how you can be a responsible cat owner and provide for the needs of your cats. This means that you have to think about the cats’ living conditions, feeding, grooming, and clean-up.

Got a Cat As a Pet? Here's How To Keep Them Healthy

Our pet cats are often as close to us as members of our family. In fact, they virtually are members of our family! That’s why cat owners should know as much as they can about cat health. Here are the major things to know about caring for your pet cat in a loving way








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